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We Don’t Design; We Tell Stories.

At FoxBundle, we aim to facilitate connections and offer top-notch designs for self-expression and business promotion. Our online marketplace specializes in digital cut files, serving both crafters and skilled artists who create cut-friendly patterns. Whether you use a Silhouette, Cricut, Scan N Cut, or other digital cutting machines, or graphic design software, our platform is a valuable resource. Customers can explore unique projects to unleash their creativity, while designers can showcase their work. We take pride in fostering this exchange of creativity and supporting both parties involved.

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Better than yesterday

Over the years, we have cultivated a highly skilled and dedicated team at FoxBundle. Our shared passion is to spread joy through creativity. With backgrounds in design and business, we work tirelessly every day to deliver exciting and beautifully crafted digital content for our customers. It brings us great satisfaction to know that our work is putting smiles on faces worldwide. This driven team is the backbone of Fox and will continue helping us realize our vision.

Engage and Touch Hearts

At Foxbundle, each creation is more than just a mere product; it’s a narrative woven with meaning and innovation. We pour our hearts into every stage of crafting, ensuring impeccable quality and delivering unparalleled experiences to our customers.

Our ethos transcends mere transactions; it’s about fostering genuine connections. We aspire to be your trusted ally and steadfast companion through life’s myriad adventures. Here at Foxbundle, we don’t just listen; we embrace your stories, co-creating unforgettable and deeply resonant moments together.

Choosing Foxbundle isn’t just about acquiring exceptional goods; it’s about embarking on a journey where care and commitment are woven into every interaction with our dedicated team.

Designs to Inspire

FoxBundle is a website that provides unique daily SVG cutting files, helping users do low-cost DIY projects at home. The website offers a diverse collection of styles and themes for users to choose from, download and use for their personal or business needs. The files will be updated regularly on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In addition to the commonly used SVG format, We also supports downloading other popular formats in the printing and engraving industries such as DXF, EPS, PDF and PNG. This allows users to easily use the files on multiple different software and devices, from metal cutting machines to 3D printers.


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